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J 196 Color Sorter


India Grain introduce the new range of color sorters " India Grain J 196 Color Sorter" developed with our painstaking experience in color sorting field. The technological advancement also based with the ideas from the millers.

Majority of the components are sourced from the world's of its kind, ensuring that the components are built to give best possible performance and it is proven. India Grain J 196 Color sorter used with high speed camera and high speed ejector valve to quality sorting performance and minimum product loss.

From 140 channels to 196 channels. India Grain J 196 Color Sorter offers wide range of sorting capacity from 1 ton to 3.5 tons of polished rice per hour. The India Grain J 196 series color sorter gives significant performance in all types of food grains such as Rice Varieties, Dall Varieties,Pulses, Seeds, Wheat, Coffee, Beans, Nuts,etc.

Advanced Features;

  • Double Side view technology - objects viewed from front and rear
  • 2048 pixel CCD Camera - high resolution down to 0.09 mm scanning
  • High speed ejector valves - 1000 operations/second
  • Colour touch screen interface - easy operation
  • Double resorting - minimum product loss
  • Auto tuning - automatic product testing facility avoid industrial setting for each product
  • Automatic ejector test - Individual valve testing 
  • 15 Program Presents - For variety of products
  • Reverse Ejection - accurate sorting 
  • 28 channel chutes - 6mm channel
  • High speed signal processors
  • Chalky mode option


 MODEL  J 140  J 168  J 196
 Maximum Processing capacity at less than 0.5% contamination  2.75 tons / h  3.25 tons / h  3.75 tons / h
 Power Requirements AC 220V single phase  3 KVA   3 KVA   3 KVA
 Compressor Air Requirements  45 CFM  60 CFM   72 CFM
 Dimension W x D x H  72'' x 49'' x 76''  72'' x 49'' x 76''  72'' x 49'' x 76''