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J 280 Color Sorter


In Just Eleven Years over 4500 millers all over Indian and Abroad have chosen India Grain color sorters to make their products  more clean and ahead of competition. India Grains commitment of manufacturing the best color sorter in the India Grainet  is characterized by listening closely to and understanding the needs of the industry using a strong focus on design and technology coupled with the best manufacturing facility. It also enables India Grain to apply the most rigorous quality control through the entire manufacturing process.

India Grain introduce the new range of color sorters India Grain J-280 developed with our painstaking experience in color sorting field,the technological advanced adapted according to millers need.

Majority of the components are sourced from the worlds best of its kind, Ensuring that the components are built to give best proven. The India Grain J-280 uses high speed camera and high speed ejector valve to give quality sorting performance and minimum product loss.

From 240 channels to 280 channels, India Grain J-280 offers wide range of sorting capacity 1.6 tons to 6 tons of polished rice - per hour. The India Grain   J-280 series color sorter gives significant performance in all types of food grains such as Rice varieties, Pulses, Seed, Wheat , Coffee, Beans, Nuts, Millets etc.

India Grain J-280 Color Sorter Advantage Design features included:

  • Double Side view technology - Objects viewed from front and rear
  • 2048 pixel CCD camera - high resolution -down to 0.09 mm scanning
  • High Speed ejector valves -1000 operation /second 
  • LCD touch screen interface - easy operation
  • Double re-sorting minimum product loss
  • 15 program presets- variety of products
  • High speed signal processors
  • Reverse ejection - Accurate sorting
  • 40 Channels chutes 4.2mm channel
  • 240 t 280 channels 
  • In final sorting divided into chalky rice one side & Black, Brown rice another side.

Technical Specification


 CHANNELS   India Grain J 240  India Grain J 280
Tonnage   2.5 to  5  3 to 6 
Air Requirement  80 CFM  90 CFM
Power  10 KVA  10 KVA
Dimension (L x W xH)  6.5 x 5 x 6  6.50 x 5 x 6
Compressor Requirement  20 HP (Screw Model)  20 HP (Screw Model)