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Rotary screw compressors


Chicago Pneumatic is a leader in the design and manufacture of industrial compressors, including tank-mounted and dryer versions.


CPM Series

A small, powerful machine featuring the components of larger compressors.

CPB Series: High-efficiency compression system The two asymmetric rotors, which are equal in diameter, are mounted on high-quality, low-wear bearings. The high degree of pressure seal and very fine tolerances reached by the rotors are guaranteed even in low-power operations.

CPC Series Rotary screw air compressors which offer high efficiency and reliability, electric motor, asynchronous, three-phase, class F standard…

CPD Series The CPD series of industrial air compressors ranges from motor ratings 75 hp , 100 hp & 120 hp. each model is available in three pressure variants viz, 8 bar , 10 bar & 13 bar, with capacity ranging from 360 cfm to 530 cfm.

IVR Series: variable speed drive compressors Chicago Pneumatic’s extensive experience with compressed air generating products and various application has taught us that, regardless of compressor size…