Insect Remover Machine

We offer a wide range of Insect remover Machines designed to efficiently remove insects from various environments. Our insect removal machines, available in India, are crafted using premium-grade components and materials sourced from reputable market vendors. To ensure their high quality and effectiveness, these machines undergo rigorous testing under various parameters.

Our Insect remover Machines come in an extensive variety, including models suitable for homes, offices, warehouses, and industrial settings. Customers can choose from various sizes and configurations at affordable prices.

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That We Are Addressing Insect Egg Removed From Stored Grains

Insects In Grains

  • It has been estimated that between one quarter and one third of the world grain crop is lost each year during storage.
  • Much of this is due to insect attack. In addition, grain which is not lost is severely reduced in quality by insect damage.
  • Many grain pests preferentially eat out grain embryos, thereby reducing the protein content of feed grain and lowering the percentage of seeds which germinate.

Insects And Eggs

  • Eggs are the root cause of damage to the grains during storage
  • In this modern technology rice which is manufactured by whitening method and silky polish will be having more moisture content in grains
  • Because of this advanced technology the grains will be easily affected by eggs and insects.

What We Do?

Generally at the beginning of storing grains, insect eggs will exist in the commodity. The eggs hatch and become adults in 25 to 35 days. The egg removal machine can remove these eggs as a result there will not be insects build up during storage of grains. This machine also removes larvae, pupae, live and dead adults especially larvae and pupae of free living insects. We are authorized manufacturer and seller of this TNAU device as per the requirement of our clients (end-users).

Benefits Of Grain Insects & Egg Shorting Machine

  • A machine to Clean & Remove insects from stored grain.
  • The machine Removes not only live Insects, But also Dead Insects and It also Removes Musty Smell Tiny Sand, Dusts and Flour from the stored grains.
  • The Machine also removes Bored insect and Insect Stages from the grains. Typical example is the lesser grain borer, Rhyzopertha dominica in split pulses.
  • More the time of processing the more the effect on removal of Insect Stages and Dust.
  • The Advantage of Removing Flour and Dust is that the secondary insect pests will not get Attracted to processed commodities.
  • The above facts are verified with IIFPT. No wastage of grains and Shelf life of grains will be increased after the Process.
  • It will not spoil the shape and size of the grains.
  • The device will be useful for the suppliers, wholesale distributors, exporters and also for government warehouses to avoid insects for long term.

Insect Probe Trap

  • Insects Trap helps to monitor and control further development of insects while storing the grains for a long duration.
  • Once the insects are collected in a trap, further multiplication of insects will not be there, thereby Insects egg will be reduced in the stored grain commodities.
  • Keeping the trap inside the grains will help in monitoring and management of insects during storage of grains.
  • Timely detection of insects by traps will help in taking preventive measures like mechanical cleaning by TNAU insect removal machine thereby control of insects can be achieved.
  • Types of insects collected was Lesser grain borer, Rhyzopertha dominica Red Flour beetle Tribolium sp. etc.
  • Types of grains where these probe traps will be useful: Rice, Wheat, broken dhall etc.
  • The Insect Probe Trap was released by Tamil Nadu Agricultural university by in 1993 for public use.

Quality & Policy

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Agri commodities in general is a seasonal product. The commodity is stocked and provided throughout the year. During the time of stocking, the significant issue is insects which cause enormous quantitative loss besides nutritional loss. The fundamental motto of our machine is to control insects without using any synthetic compounds to save agriculture products during storage without chemicals.