About Us

“India Grain Solutions” provides the complete solution of RICE-PULSES PROCESSING COMPLEX (RPC). It performs Rooftech, Storage, Drying, Processing and Packaging from raw seeds to final products in a batch system using the highest technology of the world. Rice Processing Complex performs as:

Rooftech System & Storage Silo:
Rooftech system & Silo Storage system of any grain is an important part which belongs to the grain quality. Its control the grains temperature/ durability’s/ quality and value of money by using the good technology.

Drying & Storage Process:
The drying process of any grain also decides the grain strength and quality. So, what machinery used in drying process of grains. It matter in the quality of grain. Force Separator – Pre Cleaners – Moisture Measurement Scale – Platform Scale – Dryer – Storage Silo.

Processing Technology:
The quality of processing machinery converts any grain to a healthy food. The good machinery controls the broken ratio/ material qualities etc…
Pre Cleaner – De Stoner – Auto Weigher – Husker – Separator – Whiteners-Polisher – Color Sorter – Packing – etc..